Marketing your business today is all about content and placement. Boosting a post on your favorite social network can improve engagement, but it isn’t the best way to gain new customers and increase revenue. Attention-grabbing display ads, and informative Video Ads properly focused on people who have shown real interest in your product, service, or business, is the best way to assure your money is well spent, and that your business will grow.

Advertise Your Business

To put it simply, we want to help you create videos for your business that we can then get placed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and websites all over the internet. We want to focus on showing those video ads to people who have already connected with you or visited you online, so we optimize your spending and ROI. The idea is simple: use low-cost local advertising and boosted posts to get their attention, and then build up their knowledge of you, and connect with your product or service by showing them many different video ads that cover all aspects of your business. We want them to be comfortable and familiar with your business, so much so that when they are ready to spend money, it is your the business they choose to spend it with.

Staying Fresh & New

Keeping your advertising fresh and new so people don’t get tired of seeing the same advertisement over and over again is a key point to consider. When we schedule a filming session with you, we make it a point to capture a lot of b-roll footage from many different angles and perspectives. This way we have ample content to create not just 1 or 2 promotional ad videos, but dozens of them. This way you can run video ads, constantly updating your campaigns with fresh and new videos to grab people’s attention.