Your business has to have a website. But that website should be a tool to help you get more customers and save you time by automating tasks like email sign-ups, customer follow-up, and targeted advertising. It should report to your advertising campaigns who is visiting your site, so you can show them ads based on the products or services they were showing interest in. It should engage them with an offer to send you a message, ask a question, or join your mailing list for offers and discounts. It should become your virtual assistant online.

Analytics & Retargeting

We want you to understand the power and usefulness a fully integrated website can be for your business. Analytics can show you how you are being found online, where your visitors are coming from, and what content on your website gets the most attention. We can capture all your visitor’s info, and serve them ads on social networks, Google Search, Google Maps, and many of the websites they visit online. Keep your business, product, or service firmly in front of them, always engaging and informative, so that they will seek you out above all others.

Website Maintainance, Hosting & Speed

How your website is hosted, and how well it operates and loads when your customers visit it is just as important as its design and content. We build using Amazon’s tools like Lightsail Hosting & Cloudfront CDN. We also use and optimize cache plugins and code optimizing minifications. We maintain what we build, keep frequent backups, and make sure your public face on the internet is always doing its job to make you look your best.