Every business owner now has a cell phone, and most of these phones have an amazing camera on them. So why is it that most small businesses under utilize video and pictures to promote and advertise their business? Because more often than not, they are too busy running their business to have the time to figure out what to film, and how best to present it to grow their business effectively. That’s where we can help. When we come out, we do our best to operate in a way to not disrupt your business. We film a lot of b-roll, like people working, products & your inside location, customer engagement & interactions.

Sound Bytes & Green Screen

Once we have a nice library of footage, we can add to that by recording some sound bytes to use over the top of the video, and some spokesperson clips in front of a green screen, to overlay and edit into the b-roll to make your video ads. We come with a portal backdrop and lights so we can do that at your location, and get what we need in as little as 30 minutes. We are optimized to be sure that no time is wasted, and you can get back to running your business.

Motion & Perspective

Getting people’s attention takes creativity. That is why we use so many different cameras, so we can add lots of motion and different perspectives to your videos. From a drone shot flying at your front door, to a cable cam shot slowly drifting over the top of your customers, to even a nice time-lapse of people coming and going in your business, these elements help to craft video content that will grab peoples attention and grow your business and revenue. Adding these videos to newsletters, your website, and social media will help you to further engage and connect with your customers.